Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Is that the tax man?"

So it's election night in Ontario, and the evidence is everywhere in my household, with newspapers and magazines strewn about (I'll get to picking them up very soon). As always, I'll soon head out to spend the night helping out in the newsroom, but this morning, as I look over the Citizen and the Globe, a funny anecdote comes to mind.

It was the night of the leaders' debate, which had just begun playing on the living room TV while I chased my 10-month old around (it took about three hours for me to finish watching that hour and a half-long debate!), and my 13-year-old son relaxed on the loveseat, playing his Nintendo DS.

As Dalton McGuinty began to speak, without even looking up from his video game, my son blurted out, "Is that the tax man?" I began to roar with laughter.

Whether it speaks to the stickiness of the NDP/PC's anti-McGuinty messages, or simply the effectiveness of attack ads, it really was hilarious, and it helped open up a good chat about where the "tax man" moniker came from.

Parents, do you talk about politics with your kids? Are you engaged in this Ontario election? I'd love to hear from you:

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  1. Our kids are younger, but our eight year old is surprisingly interested. When the lawn signs go up, he wants to know who we will be voting for, and why. He's pretty easy to sway to our point of view :), but we hope talking about the issues this early will at least get him thinking and get him involved.