Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The election post-mortem in my household

 When I stumbled out of bed this morning, after a long night of election-related duties in the newsroom, my 12-year-old immediately greeted me with a recap of the night's events: "It's a Conservative majority," he said. "I know," I mumbled.
"The NDP is the official opposition," he continued. "Yes, I know," I repeated.
And he didn't forget to include the Bloc's humiliation: "Duceppe quit." I nodded, impressed with his knowledge of the facts.
And then came the editorial: "I don't like the Conservatives," he frowned. I was curious to hear more, but frankly, it was just too early in the morning for in-depth analysis and debate. That will come soon, as I certainly plan to explore his political views, but for now, I'm quite proud that my pre-teen is engaged enough to not only pay attention to the results, but to actually form an opinion. I think it's super-cool, and bodes well.

Do you discuss politics with your children? What do you think of last night's outcome? What impact will the new majority Conservative government have on your family? Share your thoughts below or visit Ottawa Parenting Times on Facebook and Twitter: @ParentingTimes

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